The Podcast

Let’s Talk Parks Podcast is a weekly pep talk to help Parks & Recreation professionals find the  motivation and resources to get things done and overcome challenges in the workplace.

The Latest Episodes

Thank you to Landscape Structures for sponsoring this series on Inclusive and Innovative Playgrounds.

Meet Your Podcast Hosts

Becky Dunlap

Creator of Let's Talk Parks

Something I Could Talk About All Day Long: 
The need for parks and recreation agencies to embrace and utilize technology.

Favorite Recreation Activity Right Now:
Chasing my 2-year old son around  neighborhood parks

Advice for new professionals in the field: 
You don’t need a promotion to be a leader and make a difference. You just need to step into more of YOU.

Marissa Moravec

Podcast Co-Host

Something I Could Talk About All Day Long: 
The importance of workplace culture. If you find your culture fit at an agency, the rest will come easy. 

Favorite Recreation Activity Right Now: 
Our community has really gotten into hiding painted rocks. So we love to take walks so that we can hunt for and hide painted rocks. 

Advice for new professionals in the field:
Get to know yourself. Then be yourself. Don’t worry about the title or salary, worry about whether or not you are being your true self. 

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