Increase Your Store Traffic by Increasing Your Curb Appeal.

Do I Need Better Curb Appeal?

Read our guide to find out which curb appeal updates will attract the most new customers to your business.

Schedule Your Consultation

Schedule a 15-minute call with Robby (Founder, The Modern Storefront) to discuss how you can level up your curb appeal and attract more organic traffic to your business – without paying a single extra cent on advertising.

This is a no-pressure call to ask us anything on your mind about upgrading your exterior space, and we’ll also ask you a few questions to make sure our services are the right fit for you.

If you decide to move forward with your Modern Storefront, we’ll set up a time for us to come out and visit your location to determine which curb appeal upgrades will work best for your space. 

Our Process

Schedule a Consultation

Let’s touch base on the exterior upgrades you’re looking for and start creating your project plan. Click here to schedule.

Project Plan Approval

We’ll get your stamp of approval on the final designs (five revisions included) and then move into production. I’ll send you the project plan and budget, then you’ll review and note your approval or request changes.

The Install

When all your elements are ready, we’ll schedule a time to install that works best for you.

Site Survey & Design

I’ll visit you at your location to take a look at your current exterior, take photos, discuss ideas, and gather the information I need to finalize your project plan. My team will get to work designing your Modern Storefront.


If you choose to move forward with our design, we will get to work crafting your storefront elements and prepping materials for install.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Legible Signage

People should be able to read your name and know what services you provide within 3 seconds. Consider using hanging signs and window graphics to make sure car, bike, and foot traffic can quickly see your business information from all angles.

Outdoor Lighting

Make sure people can see your business and signage at any time of day - especially in the evening. Install exterior lighting to make sure customers can find you and help them feel safer if they’re visiting when it’s dark out.

Modern Paint

Give your business a clean and modern look with Power Washing and a fresh coat of paint. This will help your business stand out, attract higher end clientele, and make it easy to find.

Engaging Exterior

Think about using benches, bike racks, folding chalkboard signs, rolling shelves with products, and more outside of your store to attract attention and show passing traffic that you’re open and ready for them to visit.

Is your storefront optimized for all types of traffic?

Car Traffic

Make sure passing cars notice your storefront with a perpendicular hanging sign, legible logo and business name, and modern paint color.

Pedestrian Traffic

Use outdoor props to engage people who are walking past, and make sure you have an awning or overhang to give them a safe space to stand if they have to wait outside. Use window signage like opening hours, QR codes, and helpful messaging to give them a fully branded experience the moment they approach your business.

Bike Traffic

Similar to car traffic, make sure you have a perpendicular hanging sign so that they can read your business name while passing by. Consider installing a bike rack outside so that they can visit the moment they discover you.

Do I Need Better Curb Appeal?

Read our guide to find out which curb appeal updates will attract the most new customers to your business.