Strategies for Landing Your Dream Job in Parks & Recreation

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about finding work right now.  The job landscape looks so different in mid/post-pandemic world, and the typical ways of volunteering and shadowing may not be available like they used to be.  While many of the tried-and-true advice around cover letters and interviews still stand, we feel that it’s even […]

Programming for Success in Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation programs are one of the key ways of delivering service to thousands of community members every year.  From special events, to team sports, to cultural programs, the responsibility to provide quality programs and services to all members of the community is incredibly essential.  But how does one learn the art and science […]

Simplifying the Online Employee Onboarding Process in Park Agencies

Employee Onboarding

I ran into a problem during the first few months of my new job as facility coordinator. I needed to quickly relay updates to all of our staff in real-time. The issue? Employees were scattered across town – pools, camps, parks, and recreation centers many miles away- and I didn’t want to send them another […]

Fresh Ideas to Recruit Seasonal Employees

As summer approaches, agencies are preparing to open their pools, recreation centers, and facilities to the public in 2021.  In this article, we dive into strategies and ideas to recruit seasonal employees. Prioritizing the safety of your employees and guests while also creating a memorable experience continues to be a challenge for recreation professionals. On […]

1.21 Programming for Success with Chris Bass

1.21 Programming for Success with Chris Bass Episode play icon 1.21 Programming for Success with Chris Bass From developing program ideas, evaluating success, and managing teams, there’s so much to know when it comes to recreation programming.  It’s one of the most rewarding elements of a parks and recreation career – to develop programs that […]