Let's Talk Parks was created to inspire purpose-driven Parks & Recreation Professionals.

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Develop Your Dream Career

Dream of becoming a Parks and Recreation Director?  Many of us do!  But that isn’t the only path available in this field. You can have a “successful” career by doing something that you love.  Whether it’s programming, aquatics, special events, finance, marketing… all of this lies within the amazing field of parks and recreation.  Do what you do best, and what you LOVE to do.  We’ve developed the CPRP Prep Course to help you reach the next level of your career.

Your programs change people’s lives.  But without telling that story, your agency may not receive the financial support it needs to continue doing the work. Storytelling means investing time, energy, and resources into properly marketing and promoting the benefits of your programs and facilities. The Let’s Talk Parks podcast shares the stories of purpose-driven parks and recreation professionals, and we hope it inspires to share your own stories!


Tactfully Challenge the Status Quo

If you work in local/state government (as most of us do), you’re faced with a lot of political pressure to keep things “the way they’ve always been.”  But we all know that change is the only constant.  Agencies across the country are adapting new ways of operating.  Don’t work in a silo!  We want to help you learn to tactfully challenge the status quo  (without the eye roll from your boss).  We’re working on workshops and educational courses that will help you find new ways to raise the bar in your organization.


Inspire Activism Through Storytelling


Utilize Technology for Good

Since the pandemic, we’ve all had to adapt to a new level of technology.  We know that the field of parks and recreation has changed forever. But what tools do you really need to know?  How can technology work FOR you, not against you?  How do you convince your team to adopt another piece of tech, when you don’t know where to begin?  We’re working on a technology hub that will showcase the best and newest technology tools for parks and recreation agencies.

Hey, I'm Becky!

I believe it's my purpose to help Parks and Recreation Professionals raise the bar in their organizations to make a difference in their communities and ultimately the world.

But when I first started my career, I had no clue how I was going to navigate my career in parks and recreation. I just knew, I definitely wanted to be a parks and recreation director in ten years.  That was the plan.

I thought I had to move to a place that had the best parks in the country, so my boyfriend and I loaded up our little car and moved across the country to Boulder, Colorado, from Athens, Georgia. I left behind my full-time job as a Recreation Assistant at a local park to see what I was capable of.

Starting from nothing, with zero connections (or so I thought!), I worked my way into a front desk role and within nine months I was supervising a facility and the employees that managed it. Feeling wayyyy out of my league (#impostersyndrome), I learned more about myself than I ever imagined during those pivotal years as a new supervisor.

And just when it looked like I had it all together, I quit again.

I believed that I could find the perfect job for me, that allowed me to utilize my strengths, my creativity, and my strategic vision. And, most importantly, that allowed my work to impact the entire field of parks and recreation, not just my local community.   

Since becoming a consultant within the field, I have travelled the country, seen some of the most amazing facilities and parks in the country, and reaffirmed my purpose in helping professionals in parks and recreation.

Being empowered by my amazing teammates and leadership at GreenPlay, I have been fortunate to be able to use the podcast as a way to share the stories of purpose-driven professionals, to make a dent in the field, and to challenge the status quo.

My dream of becoming a Parks and Recreation director has changed. It’s not about the title or status anymore. It’s about doing what I love, on a daily basis, and making a positive difference in the field.

Parks and Recreation Professionals are my people. I think you are amazing. I want to support and motivate you to never give up. Your community needs you. The world needs you.

If you ever want to get in touch, you can say hi by emailing becky@letstalkparks.com

Until next time, Let’s Talk Parks!