1.21 Programming for Success with Chris Bass

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Becky Dunlap, CPRP

From developing program ideas, evaluating success, and managing teams, there’s so much to know when it comes to recreation programming.  It’s one of the most rewarding elements of a parks and recreation career – to develop programs that make a difference in the community.  Sometimes it can help to hear the perspectives of other programmers who are rocking it so you can learn from them.  You can learn how others overcome obstacles similar to yours.  Have you ever experienced: a limited budget? low participation? part-time/seasonal staff? A lack of resources? Most professionals have!  In this episode, we talk with Chris Bass about what it’s like to be a park manager who faces many of these challenges.  We dive into how to develop programs based on community input, how to evaluate programs, and some creative programming ideas (which are a win-win for your department and your community!). Head over to iTunes or your favorite podcast player and have a listen.  I’d so appreciate it if you’d leave a review if you enjoy the show.  Thanks!  
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Becky Dunlap, CPRP
Becky Dunlap, CPRP

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